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What is the  right way to improve your sense of the rhythm? How can we synchronize  easily and fluently to the music moving "on time"? The workshops offered  in this section will help in the perception of sound and movement for  building a more conscious relationship with the musical dimension of  tango, milonga and vals.
Examples of seminars already held and that you can take:  

In time with the music! Help listening to tango, milonga and vals  

Our music teacher has guided us in understanding the  basics of music theory and played "live" well known tracks of tango and  milonga analyzing time, “controtempo”, rhythm, accent, melody,  interpretive possibilities, recognition of pauses and finals, etc.

Listen to and interpret Osvaldo Pugliese - Astor Piazzolla   

Pugliese and Piazzolla, that means the  recent history of music,  the geniuses most loved and listened to the tango scene of all times.  But how can we interpret their masterpieces? What kind of emotions  they  want to communicate to us through the poetry of their music? What kind  of movement or dance, would  better express their feelings and emotions   and, therefore, ours ? This lesson with the teacher and composer Mario  Montore has helped us to explore the 'soul' in the music of Pugliese and  Piazzolla addressing all fans of Argentine tango and, in particular,  all those who would love to dance a choreography based on their music

Music education to tango

Educate your musical ear to the understanding of tango before  interpreting and enjoying the dance: this is the key message of this  seminar supervised by out music teacher. In this  seminar issues already addressed in the previous seminar (Help Listens  tango, milonga and Valtz ") were addressed as well as also the guiding  elements for the realization of a choreography were mentioned  

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